The Best Youth Ice Hockey Skates Reviewed

vapor x30Ice hockey is a great sport for youths who want to try out a new activity. It’s fast paced, competitive, and teaches children valuable lessons when it comes to sports and success. Ice hockey also takes a great deal of skill, technique, and manoeuvrability, which can test youths who want to learn the sport. For youths and children, wearing the proper skates is essential to success, and parents may find themselves overwhelmed by the massive selection of ice skates both online and in select sports stores.

The Bauer Vapor X30 Youth Ice Hockey Skates are a great choice for youths who are looking for reliable skates to play ice hockey with. Created by Bauer, parents can find these skates both online and in select sports stores on your local high street. They are designed specifically for comfort, and can easily help children practice proper skating technique and manoeuvring. They can help build muscle strength in the feet and ankles as the children play the sport, and their firm design keeps them from unwanted wear and tear. The actual skates are made of quarter package premium nylon, with ankle padding and microfiber lining. These materials keep them strong and resilient. These skates are excellent for both children and beginners, and parents can be rest assured that they will be worthy of a purchase.

Another great pair of skates is the Junior Bauer Supreme 140 Skates. Also created by Bauer, these skates can be bought both online and in select sports stores. Designed specifically for children who are just starting their ice hockey careers, they are made of rugged nylon exteriors that ensure prolonged durability and comfort. The blades are made of tuuk stainless steel, which will hold an edge no matter how long the skates are used. They are slim yet bulky, and help youths perfect their form and technique while playing ice hockey. While it’s price may be higher than some other models of ice hockey skates, its great features will satisfy any customer.

A third option for those looking for a great pair of ice hockey skates is the Reebok RIBCOR 22K Ice Skates. Created by Reebok, these skates can be found both online and in select sports stores, including Dicks Sporting Goods, for around $54. They come in various sizes, and are designed to fit the wearer’s feet comfortably and snugly. The exterior is made of sublimated nylon quarter package, and the core is made of non-woven reinforcement fibers. These skates can be used effectively for a long time, without experiencing any wear and tear.

Ice hockey is a great sport that encourages friendly competition, teamwork, and skill. Children and youths who are interested in starting the sport will need the right equipment to be successful, especially a pair of skates that can perform the way they need them too. As such it is important to find the right pair, and with a little research and patience, customers can easily find the best pair needed to perform excellently at ice hockey. 

Best Hockey Sticks for Beginners

eastonv9eHockey is a very competitive sport that requires a certain amount of skill, teamwork, and technique. Many people have enjoyed the sport for decades, and it remains one of the most popular sports worldwide. For those who wish to get into the sport, finding the right equipment is just as important as practicing their skills. Using the right skates and sticks are very important, as they can help promote proper technique and form for beginners. Finding the right hockey stick can be a very daunting task for newcomers, as the market is filled with a wide selection. But with a little research and analysis, a beginner can find the right hockey stick for them.

The Bauer Vapor X2.0 Composite Hockey Stick

The Bauer Vapor X2.0 Composite Hockey Stick is a great choice for those beginners looking for an all around great jockey stick. Created by Bauer, a renowned company that also makes great ice skates, this hockey stick can be found online and in select sports stores, including Dicks Sporting Goods. It is an entry-level stick with a low kick flex profile, which will help beginners practice their accuracy and the power of their snap shots. The shaft is made of Micro Feel II material, which will help the user keep a firm grip. Beginners can be rest assured that this stick will help them improve at ice hockey, and perfect their accuracy, form, and technique.

Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Composite Mini Stick

Another great hockey stick for beginners is the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Composite Mini Stick. Also created by Bauer, this stick can be found both online and in select sports stores for a really cheap price for a stick. It has many features found in other hockey sticks, but also comes at a far cheaper price. It is made specifically for basement and carpet hockey. Its small enough for all ages to use and enjoy, and is extremely reliable and durable. All in all this stick is perfect for those who need a great stick to both practice and play with.

Easton V9E Grip Composite Stick

A third choice for those seeking a great hockey stick is the Easton V9E Grip Composite Stick. Created by Easton, another great company who specializes in making ice hockey equipment, this stick can be found online for a reasonable price. It is made using the Hypertoe design, which allows the stick to position the hockey puck perfectly every time, and can result in a faster and more accurate shot during play. Its tuned flex profile will work with the body weight of the user, allowing them to easily regulate the power needed to perform various shots and tricks. Many beginners who have used this stick have given it favorable reviews, and Easton promises that the stick will perform above the expectations of those who purchase it.

Ice hockey is a great sport that requires a vast amount of practice, strength, and skill. Beginners looking to try their luck at the sport will need the right equipment to help them develop the skills needed to succeed, and finding the perfect hockey stick is an essential step in that process. Any of the three above can be the first step into your career.